Marta Ribas

(about) Graphic Design (projects)

Latest (1): Saint OctaveCarlota Cahís.

Projects in Estudio Gerundio (2): Fulano MenganoThe Beautery, KokkaLos Reyes del MangoStory Tooling.

Project with FAD -Fostering Art and Design (3): Disseny i Transformació Social, Design your Future.

(1) My latest projects as a freelance.

(2) From January 2015 to May 2016 I worked in Estudio Gerundio, a small visual communication studio in Barcelona focused on branding and web design. Whilst working there I had the opportunity of working with clients who were often small business in search of a strong relationship between them and us, always working close up and following the process within each project.

(3) From late 2014 I am part of Colectivo Reverso, an interdisciplinary young creative collective that believes in a collaborative and self-managed design. We collaborated with FAD (Fostering Art and Design) developing some projects around design and social transformation.