Marta Ribas



Long Distance Vol.I

Cover Artwork and Design for the second release of Ambient Assistance, a Canadian record label.

Internal Affairs

Poster for Internal Affairs, a visual investigation into the graphic design world with a focus on internships.

Gala Dinner & Art Auction

Gala & art auction invite for Western Front in Vancouver. Project done at Post Projects

Inspired in Barcelona: Elements

Collage artwork for Atipus visual identity and art direction for BCD Barcelona exhibition presented at Design Week Mexico.


Poster for an electronic show beneath the trees in Stanley Park, Vancouver.

Inside Outside

J-Card Artwork and Design for Neighbours, a group of sound artists from Ireland that experiment with Ambient Music.

AVR-Drones Vol.1

Cover Artwork and Design for the first release of Ambient Assistance, a Canadian record label.

Ambient Assistance

Poster for Ambient Assistance, an independent Canadian record label that publishes sound and music focused on space, texture and duration.


Omnis Temporalis

Broadsheet design for Omnis Temporalis, a multimedia art exhibition which combines the work of Canadian cartoonist, Seth, with classical music and performance by Vancouver-based composer, Mark Haney. Produced for the Richmond Art Gallery.
Project done at Post Projects.

Café Disco

Two version poster for an electronic show in Vancouver.

Sam Beatch

Artwork, business cards and record design for Sam Beach, a Sound Designer from Canada.

Sun Dial

Poster for an electronic show in Vancouver.


Saint Octave

Branding for a cheese and charcuterie shop from Brussels. Project with Mar de la Llave

Fulano Mengano

Branding for a humble restaurant in Barcelona.


The Beautery

Branding for a beauty center spa in Barcelona.




THE ENCOUNTER – Exhibition
November 2018. Mutuo Gallery. Barcelona, Spain

Water is perceived, in its original condition, as a fluid, universal and unifying element, in which you can not trace, grasp or see its boundaries. However, we often tend to differentiate between Seas and Oceans.
The Encounter questions where seas ends and where others begin, looking at the physical place between the two on the planet. Each artwork is an abstract representation of those maritime boundaries randomly traced, and within them a dialogue is generated between waters that approach, move away and overlap around an imaginary geograph environment.

ATLAS – Exhibition
June 2018. Vancouver, Canada 

ATLAS is a compilation of imaginary maps created from the perspective of infinity and randomness.
Through abstract paintings and collages, ATLAS calls for reflection on geographic space and our physical positions within the planet.
It brings together unknown landscapes that trace, erase, overlap and blur the many borders and boundaries between mountains, oceans and land. They serve to remind us that these undefined lines bring us together rather than break us apart.


Wall on the ocean
Wild Flowers
Orange and purple


Collage series

Naïve spaces
Unviolable lands


Sand and water