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Disseny i Transformació Social

Art Director
Year: 2015

Design plays an essential role as an agent for social transformation. From a letter to a city, it has always covered a huge spectrum of applications, with a widely varying range of results. Some professionals and collectives have even been able to contribute through their work to configuring a benefit for society.

Creation of a series of conferences and a permanent exhibition where design acquires a sociopolitical dimension as a tool for social transformation. For 6 months we prepared a total of 5 activites to get to know and debate about specific design objects and concepts that through design can inspire social change.
For the communication of Cycle of Design and Social Transformation we wanted to find four objects that were representative of each conference: Design and protest (spray), Inclusive health Design (Braile), Frugal design and auto-production (Hammer), Design and vindication (Microphone). Each of these objects are represented by an object such as an aubergine, to show that design can become a tool for transformation in whichever area.