On Sound – Sounds of touch

Sounds of touch is a study of sound and motion through body-mobiles ceramic. A space of human relation where two bodies interact by dressing mobile structures at their extremities that when coming in contact with each other generate sound. From the human body and the technical properties of ceramics, sound is attributed to the silent sense of touch, appealing to the importance of the physical, palpable and real fact of our human relationships.

"I want to move my body, I seek physical contact and I look for it. Extending my limbs suspended in gravity, I travel an inaudible path, reaching another body and begin to make an impact, the melody of the touch sounds. My skin rubs and rubs, awakens shy, fragile sounds that alert to the taste of coming in contact. Near me an independent universe is born, they are agile bodies that interact and dance the compassionate dance of our action."







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